Thursday, September 2, 2010

Large breasts can be a pain in the butt, as well as the neck, back and shoulders!

Ask any large breasted women and they'll tell you that being well endowed has got its perks. Getting out of speeding tickets, easy dates and free food are all part and parcel of having big boobs!
However unfortunately these women also suffer for their 'art'.
All women generally have more strain put on their back than men in todays society. Picking up kids, clothes, and doing all the general house work requires a lot of twisting, turning and bending over. Throw in a pair of big knockers and the issues can become quite serious.

Here are some easy tips to avoid back pain for you larger breasted women out there.

* Maintain a good posture, don't slouch your shoulders but straighten up and show off those bad boys.

* Strenghten  your core, especially your lower back. This will help to support the added weight.

* Support your breasts. A good support bra is essential.

* See a physiotherapist. This can help you prevent problems.


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